CIAU Learner Awarded

      201734-5日,在曼谷双子塔酒店隆重举行了“最美泰国”HSK 汉语创意演讲大赛总决赛暨汉考东盟(泰国)服务中心揭牌仪式,我院学员刘爱华在指导教师刘梦迪的陪同下参加了比赛,中方院长赵佩钦受邀出席了决赛和揭牌仪式。



      March 4-5, 2017, The Most Beautiful Thailand HSK Innovative Speech Contest finals and the opening ceremony of HSK ASEAN (Thailand) Service Center was held in the Twin Towers Hotel. A registered learner of CIAU, Miss Katekamon, together with her tutor Miss Liu Mengdi attended the finals. Mr. Zhao Peiqin, the Chinese director of CIAU, showed at the finals and the opening ceremony with invitation.

      The contest was organized by Confucius Institute Headquarters, HSK International, Thailand Tourism Bureau and hosted by ASEAN Business Promotion Association, HSK ASEAN Service Center, HSK tests branches in Thailand. It aims at strengthening the friendship between the Thai and the Chinese, promoting the development of Chinese language and culture, arousing the interests of Thai, especial the younger generation in Chinese learning, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of learning Chinese and showing the beauty of Thailand. The contest was divided into three periods: December 16, 2016 to February 5, 2017 (beginning), February 11-12, 2017 (middle), March 4-5 (the finals).

      3 contestants from CIAU entered the middle, among them Welcome to Breathe Fresh Air at Samut Prakan Province by Miss Katekamon made to the finals and won Excellency Award. Miss Katekamon said that she gained experiences and felt enhanced.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Written by Ms. Liu Mengdi

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Translated by Mr. Zhao Peiqin