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《เพลินกับภาษาจีน》     Beijing Language and Culture University Press


This textbook is a basic level text suitable for foreign learners in primary schools. It suggests lots of fun classroom activities for primary age children. Games can be used to assist the teaching-learning as a way to motivate learners. Three steps of teaching are recommended consisting of (1) explaining the target language (Chinese structure and vocabulary), (2) cultural points, and (3) games and activities. These three parts help deepen student understanding of Chinese language and culture.  
《ภาษาจีนแสนสนุก》      People’s Education Press


This series is designed for lower secondary learners aged 11-16 years with the main objective of being able to communicate nearly native-like. A 3-book set of teaching-learning materials consist of 1 textbook, 1 workbook for students, and 1 teacher manual. There are 2 sets of 6 books, each set for one school year, approximately 90-100 hours. Users are recommended to use them in a child-centered classroom, or in a supportive/positive learning environment wherein the content maybe adjusted to better suit the learners.  
    The content structure of this series starts with conversation, then Chinese characters, vocabulary, and related grammar.  Practice of all four skills based on the United Kingdom National Curriculum and the GCSE 2003, with comprehensive instructional design development and adjustment to suit young learners at basic communication level. At completion of this series, students will have acquired level 8 of NC of the United Kingdom.

《เรียนภาษาจีนกับเรา》      People’s Education Press

This set of materials is designed for lower secondary students to be able to perform at nearly mother tongue level. The content is carefully designed to match with cultural background of mother tongue language of learners (Thai) as well as supporting environment of using Chinese language.   It is suitable for the 15-18 age group in learning Chinese in China. The texts come in a range from 0-level to Beginner level, and Intermediate level, vocabulary of 2,000 words. Students in North America who take Chinese courses with this set of materials can apply for college admission after required credit transfer.   
The text is divided into 4 levels each consisting of 1 textbook, 1 teacher handbook, and 1 practice book, all together 12 books.    This series also come with CD and DVD.   The content covers everyday communication, student life at school, in family, food, health, exercises, hobbies, environment and society, traffic and geography, cultural diversity, and Chinese customs & traditions, etc.  
《สนทนาภาษาจีน301ประโยค》   Beijing Language and Culture University Press


The series is designed for foreign learners learning Chinese at beginner level. It contains 40 lessons and 8 review lessons.  The 40 lessons are spoken Chinese covering such expressions like “greetings”, “acquaintance”.   It presents 30 forms of communication, vocabulary of 800 words, and basic grammar of Chinese language. Each lesson contains 6 sections: dialogs, new words, grammar points, and exercises for practice.   
    This series aim for beginners to be able to communicate in Chinese, using communication skills combined with grammar and word order, in producing sentences to carry on conversation. With the 301 sentences carefully selected, it includes modern Chinese being spoken nowadays, and basic Chinese in everyday life, the series will help learners to progress very fast in acquiring 301 basic sentences, enabling them to understand and carry out simple conversations with Chinese natives.  It is a significant step and laying a firm foundation in learning Chinese.  

《เปิดกว้างภาษาจีน》      Beijing Language and Culture University Press

The text is suitable for primary students Prathom 1-6. It is a 12-book series. Each of the 12 books is divided into lesson part and practice part. The content covers daily life of primary students. It is simple and easy to understand, and focused on practice of the language when learners are hooked with interest.  It is also designed to build conversational skills. The interesting and variety of exercises will enhance thinking skills in learners

《สัมผัสภาษาจีน》  Higher Education  Press

    The textbook is a prototype of Hanban.  The Chinese scholars  took a lengthy period in developing the series to ensure effectiveness and quality for foreigners   desired to learn Chinese at beginner level.  This series come in multi-languages, e.g. English, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Indian, etc.  In addition to conventional texts beginning from primary students, to lower secondary, and upper secondary students, textbooks for specific purposes are also developed, such as cultural articles, educational articles, sports articles, business articles, social life articles, and how-to articles.  
            Each text is accompanied by a CD, for 100-110 hours practice.  It is competency-based and the integration of competencies and the structured elements. Each unit contains vocabulary in sentence, article, comments/view points, exercises of sentences, extension of vocabulary, speaking & listening practice, Chinese characters, writing review and pronunciation review.

《ภาษาจีนร่วมสมัย》    สำนักพิมพ์การเรียนการสอนภาษาจีน Sino Lingua

This text aims at learning Chinese as first language or learners can use Chinese in multi media. It is now being used in Chinese courses offered by a number of colleges and universities in USA, Canada, Italy, and New Zealand, etc. The text《ภาษาจีนร่วมสมัย》has influenced basic requirements of overseas universities as well as special consideration given to the Chinese language environment outside China.  It is designed for flexibility in teaching –learning, using both modern and conventional design, answer key of the exercises, handouts/ worksheets, and suggested lesson plans.  
          This Modern Chinese text has reportedly attracted a number of research in 2nd language acquisition. The latest research results in 2nd language learning reveal special characteristics of teaching-learning materials used inside and outside China leading to new movements in textbook development.     The text《ภาษาจีนร่วมสมัย》consists of Student Texts《หนังสือเรียน》Books 1-4; Teacher Manuals《คู่มือการสอน》Books 1-4; Chinese Character《หนังสือตัวอักษรจีน》Books 1-2; Practice Books《เล่มแบบฝึกหัด》Books 1-4;  a CD   and videotape. The outstanding feature of this series is the content which is modern, easy to understand, and practical to use.  
《หนังสือภาษาจีนเพื่อการใช้งานแนวใหม่》   Beijing Language and Culture University Press


This text is a set of 6 books 70 lessons. Books 1-4 are for beginners and pre-intermediate, containing 50 lessons; Book 5 is for intermediate, with 20 lessons; This textbook series is developed by student-centered principle, and expansion of key aspects of language development through circular repetition, that is, language structures, language skills, and culture.  To strengthen skills in learning Chinese is expansion in learning the content.  Careful design is given in selection of key content and additional content clearly laid out for user selection. Each textbook is accompanied by a lesson CD, a lesson tape, a work book, a practice CD, a practice tape, a teacher manual, a teacher manual CD, and a teacher manual tape.
             The text is a balanced development of the four skills, with careful gradual development, and in systematic process. With these reasons this series is designed for teaching Chinese at university level.