About the Institute
Establishment Background
Assumption University was informed by the Confucius Classroom at ACC (Assumption Commercial College) of the Chinese Government’s policy to establish one more Confucius Institute in Thailand in addition to a number of overseas Confucius Institutes already established.  The Institute would be under support and directive of the Office of Chinese Language Council International: Hanban.

Assumption University deemed it timely to establish a Confucius Institute at the University due to a number of reasons: AU has increasingly developed long and close relationships with a number of universities in China, having a bigger number of Chinese students coming to further their studies at ABAC, as well as Assumption University having been offering Chinese language at undergraduate and graduate programs for over 20 years. In addition, Chinese is one of the major languages widely used in the ASEAN community.         

With all these reasons, a Confucius Institute is being proposed for establishment at Assumption University. In the initial phase, a Memorandum of Understanding between the Office of Chinese Language Council International: Hanban and Assumption University was signed on 18th September 2014 for the purpose of establishing a Confucius Institute at Assumption University, followed by an MOU between AU and Tianjin University of Science and Technology for co-establishment of the said institute at Assumption University. The MOU was signed by Rev. Bro. Bancha Saenghiran, f.s.g., Rector-Magnificus of Assumption University, and Professor Wang Shuo, President of Tianjin University of Science and Technology.   

Tianjin University of Science and Technology is a leading, big university established since 1958 offering over 168 programs of undergraduate and graduate studies, master and PhD, one of which is Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. At present, the university has over 23,000 student population and 2,189 teaching staff.

The Confucius Institute at Assumption University (Or CIAU) aims to be a center that provides academic services in Chinese language teaching and learning, Chinese cultural promotion, and excellent trainings of human recourses that meet local, community, and societal needs as well as promoting effective collaborations of culture and arts between Thailand and China.    

The Confucius Institute at Assumption University has three core areas of responsibilities: to offer the standardized teaching and learning of Chinese language; to develop and provide high quality training courses for students, teachers, staff of educational institutes/organizations and general public; and to support the exchange and dissemination of academic knowledge and research related to the promotion of better understanding between the two countries. These core missions of the CIAU can be articulated as follows:
(1) Pursue excellence in the teaching and learning of Chinese language
(2) Provide teacher training of Chinese language
(3) Build a standard HSK (Chinese proficiency exam) testing center
(4) Host academic conferences/seminars on China study and China –Thailand relationships.    
(5) Promote cross-cultural understanding on the arts and cultures of the two countries.
(6) Promote Thailand-China friendship and relationship.    
(7) Provide Chinese language training to general public.  

- To develop educational partnership and academic collaborations between China and other countries on a non-profit basis  
- To respond to the learning needs of ASEAN countries in Chinese language and culture.
- To promote cooperation and collaboration in education and cultural exchange between China and Thailand

Action Plan
The Confucius Institute at Assumption University proposes the following action plan:
Promote the production of graduates and student development in Chinese language and culture.
Provide quality services in Chinese language learning and Chinese cultural study to increase Thailand’s competitiveness.
Promote the dissemination and academic & cultural exchange between the two countries.
Provide Chinese language teaching and learning through ICT.
Provide teacher training on Chinese language teaching for teachers from primary schools, secondary schools, and universities.
Host HSK standard testing services for Chinese as a foreign language learners
Offer customized courses of Chinese language to general public, e.g. Chinese for further studies in China, Chinese for work, tutorial services for HSK, or tailor-made courses  e.g. Chinese for translation / tourism/business / finance, and Chinese alternative medicine, etc.
Support the teaching and learning of Chinese language programs at Assumption University
Promote through public relations on the teaching- learning of Chinese language by China and facilitate the provision of instructors from China to teach Chinese language in Thailand
Develop Chinese language textbooks and teaching materials that are suitable for learners in Thailand
Conduct academic forums/conferences and related activities on Chinese language.
Provide information and services about study in China.

Operational procedures
Duties and Responsibilities of Assumption University
-  arrange for office space and facilities for starting an office of the Confucius Institute
-  recruite office personnel for the Institute
-  facilitate visa and work permit applications, and local housing for Chinese instructors sent to Thailand by Hanban
-  open a banking account in the name of the Confucius Institute at Assumption University as directed by the partnered university.  
-  prepare a matching annual fund for the Institute not less than the donated amount of the Confucius Institute Headquarters.

 Duties of the Office of Chinese Language Council International: Hanban
Permit the use of “Confucius Institute”, logo, and symbols of the Office of Chinese Language Council International: Hanban
Provision of at least 3,000 textbooks and learning materials inclusive of audiovisual/ multimedia and online programs for the Confucius Institute at Assumption University
Provision of seed money of US$ 150,000 and annual donation as necessary.
Provision of Chinese instructor(s) for the Institute and be responsible for travel expenses and salary.    

Budget and Sources of Income
-  Financial supports will come from Assumption University, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, and the Office of Chinese Language Council International: Hanban as per the MOU agreements signed.
-  Income-generating activities e.g. teaching-learning courses and other cultural activities such as:
Chinese language courses/trainings for general public and courses offered at AU
HSK Testing services of Chinese language proficiency test
HSKK Testing services  (Chinese language proficiency test at higher level)
YCT testing services for youth and children
BCT testing service for business Chinese
-  Donation