2016 CIAU Autumn Camp Completed


15 participants of 2016 CIAU Autumn Camp visited Tianjin University of Science and Technology from October 12 to October 22 and they enjoyed the cool weather of Tianjin, China.

Tianjin University of Science and Technology prepared a wonderful program for all the participants. The Chinese language class taught by popular teachers greatly improved their Chinese proficiency. Classes like Tai Chi, Chinese painting and clay figurine making etc. made them know more about Chinese traditional culture. Culture and enterprise tours are also wonderful: sightseeing in Beijing, Tianjin coastal area, Tianjin Ancient Culture Street, as well as factory visit to Master Kung, the popular instant noodle and beverage company. They are also lucky enough to have a bite of Beijing roasted duck and the popular Tianjin local snacks like No. 18 Street Mahua, deep fried twisted dough.

2016 CIAU Autumn Camp gives the participants the opportunity to know more about China, Chinese culture and Chinese people. They made a lot of friends there. They said that they will never forget Tianjin and China.