CIAU Held National Day Celebration


On 28th. September, 2016, the Confucius Institute at Assumption University held a natiobal day celebration to commerate the 67th anniversary of PRC with the education branch of the Chinese ambassy in Thailand and the All-Thai Association of Chinese Students and Scholars. The events also marked the prize ceremony of “Thai Education in My Eyes” Microfilms and Photographs Competition. On the gala, the Chinese students and teachers from CIAU contributed lots of fancy songs and dances and Gu Zheng playing, making the night a most unforgettable one.

Over 200 Chinese students from Assumption University, Asia Institute of Technology and Thamasa University, etc. Joined the event. Zhou Gaoyu, the First Secretary of education branch, Ma Chao, the third secretary, Rev. Brother Amnuay, the Vice President of AU, Guo Rui, CEO of Asia Media Co.Ltd., Huang Shaowen, general manager of Bank of China, Thai branch, Zhao Jingnan, the deputy Chief editor of Siam Daily, presented the event and conferred prizes to the winners.