CIAU Receives ACR Delegation

On July 4th, a delegation of 12 from Assumption College Rayong (ACR) visited CIAU and were warmly received by A.J. Siriluk Chaipronsit and Wu Zhenjun. CIAU and ACR have reached some tentative agreement in future collaboration.

ACR covers a whole range of age groups with a student population of 4000. Chinese langugage is offered to all students at ACR and is taught daily in the Chinese oriented senior high classes.

ACR fully supports Chinese education and is eager to collaborate with CIAU for futher development of Chinese education. Wu Zhenjun, the Chinese Director, explained the procedure in setting up a teaching site and future dependent Confucius classroom and HSK test. AJ Siriluk presented the visitors with some Chinese books and CI souvenirs.

CIAU is expected to visit ACR in the near future to sign related agreements.