The Confucius Institute (CIAU) is pleased to offer Chinese language and culture courses in the upcoming semester to cater to the learning needs of students, lecturers, and staff at Assumption University of Thailand.

Upon successful completion of the designated study hours, students will receive a course completion certificate issued by CIAU. This certificate will also make students eligible for scholarship recommendations to study in China and participate in a summer camp organized by CIAU, held at Tianjin University of Science and Technology in China.


1.Course Offerings: 

Chinese Language Courses】 

Course Name

Course Content

Target Audience

HSK Target Level

Elementary Chinese

Chinese for daily communication

Learners with zero or basic knowledge of Chinese (HSK Level 0 to Level 1, mastering 0-150 vocabulary)

HSK 2-3

Intermediate Chinese

Intermediate communicative Chinese

Learners at an intermediate level of Chinese (HSK Level 3, mastering 600 vocabulary)


Advanced Chinese

Advanced applied Chinese

Learners at an advanced level of Chinese (HSK Level 4, mastering 1200 vocabulary)

HSK 5-6 


Traditional Chinese Culture Courses】 

Course Name

Course Content

Target Audience


Regular script (Kaishu)

Those interested in calligraphy

Chinese Painting

Chinese ink painting

Those interested in ink painting

Chinese Kungfu

Shaolin Kungfu

Those interested in Chinese martial arts

Chinese Instrument *(Fee applies)

Gu Zheng

Those interested in Gu Zheng

* For fee-based classes, please contact CIAU staff for more detailed information.


 2. Course Opening Criteria

The class will be opened when there are a minimum of 5 registered students. The specific class opening time will depend on the actual registration situation.


 3. Course Duration

June 12, 2023, to September 29, 2023.


 4. Application Deadline

June 2, 2023.


 5. Registration Link



 6. Contact

Tel: 02-300-4553 (Ext.2070)