Call for Applications: CIAU Chinese Culture Summer Session Courses

Welcome to the Chinese Culture Summer Session Courses at CIAU!

We invite all the AU members to join us for an immersive experience in Chinese culture from April 3 to May 12, 2023. The courses offer a variety of teaching and activities, including language learning, cultural experiences, and social events. Our curriculum will focus on 5 topics, including Chinese cuisine, Chinese Kung Fu, Chinese tourism, Chinese art and Chinese music.

The courses open to students of all levels, from beginner to advanced. Apply now for the Chinese Culture Summer Courses at CIAU!



Course Contents



Chinese Cuisine

Chinese specialty cuisine introduction; Food and ordering-related Chinese expressions.

Making dumplings and spicy food(Mala style)


Chinese Kung Fu

Chinese traditional Kung Fu introduction; Body and medical-related Chinese expressions.

Taichi,Taichi Sword


Chinese Tourism

Chinese famous tourist destinations introduction; Destination, direction and location-related Chinese expressions.

Printing, Chinese embroidery, paper cutting


Chinese Art

Chinese art culture introduction; Color and architecture-related Chinese expressions.

Chinese handcrafts, painting and calligraphy


Chinese Music

Chinese music introduction; number-related Chinese expressions; Chinese songs.

Guzheng, singing Chinese songs



Who can apply: AU staffs and students

How to Apply:

  1. Online application via registration link:
  2. Application in person atCIAU

Application Time: March 1- 31, 2023

Contact: For further questions, please contact Mr. Dai Zeyu, Tel: 02-7232070