Confucius Institute Debut with Cultural Show

Confucius Institute Debut with Cultural Show

On September 25th, the Confucius Institute at Assumption University (CIAU) made its debut on B1 floor, CL building and presented the Chinese Mid-autumn Festival to AU faculty and students. Over 300 people joined the event.

The Mid-autumn festival is an important traditional Chinese festival celebrating the good harvest of the year, and the round moon also indicates the reunion of family members. People usually eat moon cake and pray for the best of life on the day.

CIAU has prepared tea and moon-cake tasting, moon-cake DIY, paper cut, Chinese learning etc. for the event. The AU faculty and students were invited to join the tea ceremony, moon-cake tasting and other iconic Chinese activities and some of them made and baked their own moon-cake with the help of CIAU staff. They smiled to be photoed with their own moon-cake.

Over 60 students from EAP visited CIAU on 7th floor of CL building and they learned the Confucianism and tried to play the Gu Zheng, an ancient Chinese string musical instrument. Mr. Piya, the program manager, says he is interested in Chinese culture and he would bring more students to CIAU and seek further cooperation with CIAU.

The event promoted the visibility of CIAU and helped more to know the Chinese language programs to be released by CIAU. Around 40 people have left their ways of contact for further information of Chinese language programs.

The CIAU was jointly launched earlier this month by Duke Panada and Madame Cao Xiaohong and it is the 14th Confucius Institute in Thailand. The institute will offer a whole series of Chinese language programs and Chinese cultural shows at AU and its adjacency.