Traditional culture courses



          In September 2020, Confucius Institute at Assumption University (CIAU) opened offline courses.While preventing the epidemic, CIAU started several assistant Chinese teachings for Thai students, including Tai Chi, Chinese papercuts, calligraphy, tea arts, and handicraft etc. Students were taught in Chinese to facilitate their Chinese leaning from those immersively traditional culture courses.

         In traditional Chinese painting course, Ms. Iampoom Nittaya, the Thai teacher who combined traditional Chinese painting and round fan stimulated the students to devote themselves to Chinese painting with interest. In Tai Chi course, Mr. Dai Zeyu, sponsored teacher, who taught students about the fundamentals and etiquettes of Chinese martial arts, which students paid attention and actively practiced with the demonstration of the movements. In Chinese papercuts course, students completed their exquisite Chinese papercuts by following the guidance from Mr. Chaichan Warut, the Thai teacher who had been patiently helping students to create their works. Immersively traditional culture courses not only let the students understood Chinese traditional culture, but also improved the students’ Chinese level in term of imperceptibility, which was popular with students.


        CIAU will continue to actively explore and strive to create high-quality courses for Thai students who like Chinese culture and language.


Edited by Mr. Yuan Zheng

Photographed by Mr. Chaichan Warut

Revised by Ms. Yang Hairong

Translated by Ms. Huang Ying