Scholarship and Overseas Studies in China

Scholarship and Overseas Studies in China
Chinese Government Scholarship 

   The Chinese government offers a range of scholarship to foreign students and scholars from bachelor degree to doctoral degree, short course training, and research grant through China Scholarship Council-CSC in handling applications. Applicants can select the area of studies offered at the universities/colleges in China that joined the scholarship program.

1. Types of scholarship

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2. Details of Scholarship

1.  Full Scholarship details as follows:  waive of registration fee, tuition fee, learning supplies fee, laboratory tests, workshops fees, and residence hall fee  cost of living expenses health insurance round-trip overseas travel expenses ( one time only)
2. Partial Scholarships       
A portion of study expenses are paid by the scholarships       
3. Qualification of Applicants
      1. Applicants must not be Chinese citizens and in good health    
      2. Education background and age detailed as follows:
For Bachelor degree scholarship; high school diploma, good academic records, age not over 25
For Master degree scholarship; Bachelor degree certificate, age not over 35
For doctoral scholarship; master degree certificate, age not over 40
-For Chinese language scholarship; high school diploma, age not over 35. This scholarship is for Chinese language study only.   
-Research grant for researchers / scholars;  applicant must have completed bachelor degree or equivalent for at least 2 years, age not over 45.      
Research grant for senior researchers / scholars; applicant must have master degree or higher, age not over 50.        

Confucius Institute Scholarship

    Confucius Institute scholarship is to provide an educational opportunity for international students and Chinese language teachers to further their study in college or university in China.  

1. Types of Scholarship

Scholarship for students of Master degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages  (Chinese as a second/foreign language) or MTCSOL  
1-year scholarship of Chinese language study +  MTCSOL
Students of Bachelor degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (BTCSOL)
1-year scholarship of Chinese language study
1-semester  scholarship of Chinese language study

2. Details of Scholarship

Confucius Institute scholarship covers waive of registration fee, tuition fees, textbooks and learning materials, admission fee, cost of living expenses, student housing fees, medical treatment expenses, and health insurance.

Cost of living is given to scholarship students in 1-semester program and 1-year program of Chinese language at the amount of 1,400 Yuan per month; and 1,700 Yuan per month for master degree students.

Financial aids for admission fee will be offered to scholarship students with 1-year program or longer at the amount of 1,500 Yuan per head. Students on scholarship for one semester will receive 1,000 Yuan per head. Admission fee is not available for international students having been studying in China for over 6 months.   

3. Qualification of Applicants

Eligible persons are non Chinese citizens, in good health, age 16-35 [Applicants for Chinese language teachers can be up to 45 years of age, and for bachelor degree holder can be allowed up to 20].  

Note: Details of criteria for Confucius Institute scholarships may vary depending on the announcement of  the Confucius Institute to be made each year.