Open House

November 9-10, more than 400 principals, teachers and students from about 20 middle and primary schools visited CIAU during Open House which aimed at helping the Thai get a better understanding of Confucius Institute, Chinese language and culture.


The theme is Monkey King, a Chinese superhero. The activities were designed to give the visitors a fancy Pilgrimage to the West experience to know more about Chinese culture. The following are the activities: Tang Master for Confucius Institute briefs, scholarships to study in China and things you might be interested about China, Monkey King for games about Chinese language and culture, Piggy for Chinese traditional clothes and Sandy Monk for making Peking Opera masks.




Open House ended in happiness and laughter. The students all agreed that they knew more about CIAU, felt the charm of Chinese culture and planned to work harder in their Chinese and to apply Confucius Institute scholarships to study in China. The principals and teachers expressed their thanks for Open House as they learned a lot.


Written by Ms. Qiu Nan

Photographer Ms. Chen Zhige

Translated by Mr. Zhao Peiqin